Brown Hairstreak Restriction

2013 was an excellent Brown Hairstreak year and Grafton had many visitors.  Unfortunately some visitors didn’t respect the working farmland around the wood.  We therefore received complaints from the landowner; as a result we no longer have been given access to the orchard marked in red on the map.  However as a concession the landowner has allowed us to visit the orchard on Brown Hairstreak Day on 24th August.

The whole of the wood marked in blue is open to the public and the best places to see Brown Hairstreak are marked in green.

The best time is from the middle of August through to the end to September.



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Key Species looking worn

I think that the hot weather is going to mean a short season for our summer butterflies.  I walked round Grafton yesterday and found White Admirals and Silver-washed Frits looking well past their best.  See Pics

I have been looking for Violet Helleborine in the usual places in the south of the wood without success.   However I found a beauty on the northeast path – the only one I have found so far.

No Brown Hairstreak sightings yet – I met some photographers who were upset about the restricted access into the orchard.

IMG_8140 IMG_8165 IMG_8209


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Grafton Butterfly Walk

40 people attended the annual butterfly walk the weather stayed good and all the target species were found.  Silver Washed Fritillaries and White Admirals.

Thanks to Tony Murphy we have some people pics of the day.  Thanks to Martyn who managed to net and pot all the target species.

144 146 150

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Grafton Work Parties 2014/15

I intend to Start Grafton Work Parties on Wednesday 13th August – continuing on until the end of March 2015. The Sunday work parties to start 14th September and continue on the second Sunday of the month until March 2015.


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Is this a Record?

Tony Moore bred a Brown Hairstreak through from an egg and sent me the pupa by post.  It emerged this morning – earliest ever pic for me. I released it and if went straight to thetop of an oak tree – it was a male.


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A Week of Visits

Four groups from local wildlife societies visited Grafton this week to look at flower and butterflies.  The weather stayed great despite the forecast.

Thanks to Martyn for catching and potting most species and to Miriam for providing tea and cakes back at the village hall.  On Sunday we have the Grafton Butterfly Walk open to all – do come.


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