Some Migrants…..

Some Migrant butterflies were in Grafton today looking for places to lay eggs.  Painted Lady on Thistle and Red Admiral on Nettles.  Also the first Four Spotted Chaser on the pond.

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The Lull…

At Grafton we are at a time when there are hardly any butterflies on the Transect Recording.  BUT we are now able to record Dragonflies on the same site.  With this warm weather they are now coming out in numbers. Broad-bodied Chaser. Beautiful Demoiselle, Azure and Large Red Damselfly.  Also had a good view of our resident Cuckoo.

Also on the pond a small moth Brown China-mark

Brown China-mark


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Spring butterflies at an end…

A dry and warm spring when the flower at Grafton have looked great now we go into a quiet stage before the summer flowers and butterflies start.  The Butterfly Transect is now showing low number.  To compensate the Bird count of migrants has been good 22 Chiffchaff, 17 Blackcaps, 13 Garden Warblers and regular Cuckoo.  The regeneration in conifer plots has attracted Common and Lesser Whitethroats.

The first Dragonfly arrived this week a Broad-bodied Chaser.

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Droitwich group visit..

25 members of WWT Droitwich group visited Grafton today – a lovely sunny day with lots of butterflies. Tea and cake at the village hall to follow.


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Poor Transect

Week 3 for the Transect only yielded 34 butterflies – in 2015 the count was 160.

Several Holly Blues and loads of Orange-tip eggs were found.  We checked some Brown Hairstreak eggs and could see that they were hatched.

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Grafton at its best…

Cool wind and sunshine but the wood looks at its best.  Another week and the bluebells will be fully out.

Laight Rough looks great with Bluebells and and Early Purple Orchids

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Last Work Party – First Transect

Friday 31st March was the last Work Party.  Trevor T and JKT finished mowing the conifer ride.  Saturday 1st April JKT did the first Transect – weather was patchy but saw Peacock – Brimstone – Comma and the first Orange-tips.  Also found to Orange-underwings.

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