Week 12 Transect

I did the Butterfly Transect today.  Temperature 29 degrees and the butterflies were out.  Last week the total count was 13 butterflies this week 309.  This is an exceptional count for week 12.  With both our key species out – Silver-washed Fritillary (15) and White Admirals (10)

I also found a plant that I have not found in Grafton before – Grass Vetchling.  Its a plant I usually associate with rich grassland.



Grass Vetchling

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White Admirals arrive..

I counted 8 White Admirals today at Grafton.  Best place rides 5 and 4 see map.  Difficult to photograph – supercharged males!!

5 Silver-washed Fritillary too.  First Emperor and Common Darter Dragonflies.


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Some more firsts for Grafton 2017

Warmer weather brought out lots more butterflies.  The first Ringlet, Common Blue,  Second brood of Comma and Speckled Wood.

Also Greater Butterfly Orchid, Blue-tailed Damselfly and a pair of Longhorned Beetles.




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The First Silver-washed Fritillary

Today high winds but warm – the first Silver-washed and new brood Comma of the season.

The first Southern Hawker Dragonfly and Emerald Damselfly.  For only the second time ever a Club-tailed Dragonfly in Grafton.


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Week 9 of the butterfly count…

Week 9 of the Butterfly Transect and it feels grim.  So I have compared the counts so far with 2015 which was a normal year.  Results below:

2017 2015 Diff
Large Skipper 2 0 2
Brimstone 72 169 -97
Large White 11 12 -1
Green-veined White 18 29 -11
Orange Tip 84 114 -30
Holly Blue 14 0 14
Red Admiral 5 0 5
Small Tortoiseshell 1 12 -11
Peacock 30 193 -163
Comma 9 23 -14
Speckled Wood 17 10 7
Total 263 568 -305

Only Red Admirals show an improvement and Peacock has lost the most so far. Lets hope that things will improve.

The Orchids are out:

20170531 Elr

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Some Migrants…..

Some Migrant butterflies were in Grafton today looking for places to lay eggs.  Painted Lady on Thistle and Red Admiral on Nettles.  Also the first Four Spotted Chaser on the pond.

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The Lull…

At Grafton we are at a time when there are hardly any butterflies on the Transect Recording.  BUT we are now able to record Dragonflies on the same site.  With this warm weather they are now coming out in numbers. Broad-bodied Chaser. Beautiful Demoiselle, Azure and Large Red Damselfly.  Also had a good view of our resident Cuckoo.

Also on the pond a small moth Brown China-mark

Brown China-mark


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