Brown Hairstreak Egg Count

Simon and the gang have started counting Brown Hairstreak eggs.  The good news is that they have found eggs in new areas away from the Grafton core site.  However the egg count in the Orchards adjacent to Grafton Wood showed the lowest count since 2000.  This is consistent with our observation of adults seen in the summer being extremely low. 

We can only speculate as the reasons:

The orchard management has changed in recent years – July grass cutting which also removes Blackthorn sucker favoured for egg laying.  A considerable amount of the hedges have been flailed.  The Management of the Blackthorn Block in the orchard is no longer being done. 

The other factor is high summer temperatures and lack of rain. 

Simon will be checking the eggs in the wood next week – so watch this space. 

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Grafton Ride Management

Despite the poor weather Grafton volunteers continue with ride management.  Ride 14 from the main gate and the south ride have been widened.  See pics


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Autumn at Grafton

Some autumn pics

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Butterfly Analysis 2018

Look at the top of this page Grafton Butterfly Transect Analysis is now available.

It shows another good year  – the 3rd highest count since 1999. Brown Argus and Common Blue’s were extremely high together with the whites.

The overall trend line for all species continues to rise BUT we need your help with management work.  Every Wednesday 10:00 Grafton Church car park.

Transect 2018


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Work Party every Wednesday

Grafton will be having work parties every Wednesday until next April. 10am from Grafton Church.

Temperatures up to 20+ degrees again this week and Dave W found a late Brown Hairstreak together with Speckled Wood and Small Copper.

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Last Transect of 2018

The weather was perfect today and the last Transect of the year.  With the sunshine Brimstone came out of hibernation and for the first time this year we recorded the only Transect Brown Hairstreak of the season.  ( Also reports of Clouded Yellows at Grafton today)


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These could be the last…..

Dave W sent the latest Brown Hairstreak pics taken last week.

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