Sunday Work Parties

For all those who enjoyed seeing Brown Hairstreak this year – why not come and help with the management.  Sunday Work Parties start this Sunday 10:00 at Grafton Flyford Church.

In the wood this afternoon – a Red Kite glided by.  There are also loads of Fungi around this autumn – come and see


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Grafton Ride

This year we have used a tractor and flail to do the rides at Grafton to save a lot of the volunteer work.  It all looks great – thanks to James from WWT for organising it.


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Brown Hairstreak Eggs

Simon P has sent a map of Brown Hairstreak Eggs found in Grafton last winter.

Grafton Eggs 2014-5

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Last day of Transect….

The last day of the Butterfly Transect a Grafton.  Mostly Speckled Woods but did find 2 Brown Hairstreaks.  The first pic shows one I saved from a spiders web and the second was still laying at the main cross rides.  Some pristine Commas still around.

There will be NO Work Party next Wednesday but will restart on Wednesday 7th October.  Sunday Work Parties will start on Sunday 11th October.

IMG_6964lr IMG_6993lr IMG_7040lr IMG_7056lr

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Getting towards the end of Butterfly season

The penultimate transect of 2015 – a count of 47 butterflies at Grafton mostly Speckled Wood.  However still found 4 Brown Hairstreak, as can be seen from the pics looking rather past their best.  The work parties are new in full swing doing coppicing (WE STILL NEED HELP!!!). Looks like a good year for fungi too. Grafton has attracted a family of migrating Spotted Flycatchers taking dragonflies on the wing.

IMG_6756lr IMG_6854lr IMG_6745lr IMG_6767lr IMG_6828lr

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Egg Laying

On today’s Transect recording found a Brown Hairstreak laying and was able to photograph the egg laying sequence – see pdf.

Lots of Brimstone still in the wood and a few Speckled Wood.


Brown Hairstreak

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Brown Hairstreak Reports

I was away over the weekend but have received many reports of Brown Hairstreaks at Grafton.   John Bryan came down from Staffordshire and found. “We arrived a little before midday and by one o’clock we had wall-to-wall sunshine. The place was heaving with life and we managed to see one at the pond and one down the ride your work party were widening”.  Simon Primrose went yesterday and reported 7. Reports on “Ash Brownies” web site

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