Brown Hairstreak Week

Day 1 – Monday 20th – Weather poor no Brown Hairstreaks seen

Day 2 Tuesday 21st – Weather perfect in the afternoon – lots of visitor.  We all struggled to find Brown Hairstreak – one or two “fly-bys” However Steve M managed to photograph a female by the old pond.


We also saw a second brood White Admiral – this is only the second time we have had second brood White Admiral at Grafton.

Day 3 Work Party and Brown Hairstreak Visits.  Weather warm with a little sunshine.

At last Steve W spotted a female on the Blackthorn by the old pond and it sat there for over and hour everyone had loads of photographs – These from Dave W

Taking pics

Movie taken at Lower Hollowfields Farm

Day 4 Thursday Weather poor no Brown Hairstreak seen:  However some of Grafton’s late flowers found despite this years drought.  Orpine and Meadow Saffron

Day 6 Saturday:  Sunshine and showers.  Reports of 4 Brown Hairstreak around the pond area and 1 on Grafton Church car park.  Forecast for tomorrow is for RAIN so I guess this ends a rather poor “Brown Hairstreak Week ”


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