Better Work Party

We had a better work party on Wednesday for Blackthorn Cutting.  Several people saw Brown Hairstreak still looking fresh.

Today I found a female laying in pristine condition and also a Small Heath – first this year.


Small Heath


Brown Hairstreak


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Work Parties on Wednesdays

We need help cutting Blackthorn on Wednesdays starting tomorrow – Grafton Church at 10:00.  Just bring cloves tools supplies.





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From a Grafton Visitor

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Looks like a good Brown Hairstreak Year

From Richard Smith on Sunday 7th –  5 Brown Hairstreak were seen.

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More Brown Hairstreaks

Report from Van Greaves

5.10pm Tuesday 2nd Aug. at the hemp by the small bench at the main x roads. Searched for at least 2 hours before this… saw plenty of species including 2 purples and sat down at the bench by the hemp thinking nothing was about. Turned my head and there he was!

DSC0787AV Male Brown hairstreak on Hemp Agrimony - CopyDSC0794AV Male Brown Hairstreak on Hemp Agrimony # 4 - Copy

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Brown Hairstreak Reports

Two reports of Brown Hairstreak at Grafton one on Facebook from Alex Barkley and the other by phone  – all nectaring on Hemp Agrimony which is good news for photographers.  Some years they don’t nectar at all.  Looks like both male and female.



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Past the peek…..

The results of the butterfly transect this week were beyond the peek at the start of the month.  Down to 330 from the peek of 800+.

Still loads of Silver-washed Fritillary and the Common Blues. – just a few Brown Argus which we get at this time of year. The worrying species is – Peacock on average this week should be 13 – we only found 1,  Brimstone should be 9 we only had 1.  Small Skipper the average 12 and we had none.

However Common Blues were well above average. Meadow Brown and Gatekeepers are still the most common.

Some nice plants – Yellow-wort and Greater Burnet Saxifrage and Corn Mint.


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