Blackthorn Cutting

The worst job we do in Grafton – Blackthorn cutting.  We completed the section on the edge of the wood today last cut in 2004/2005.

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More Brown Hairstreak eggs…..

Simon and Gill continued the egg search yesterday in the area adjacent to the old pond, they added 97 eggs to the count, now showing a total of 555 eggs in the wood itself  – map below.  The Blackthorn in this area was cut in August 2015 and was in ideal condition for egg laying this summer.  The volunteers were cutting the Blackthorn on the edge of the wood on Mr Boaz’s land yesterday.  This has had no eggs this year as it was over mature.

Blackthorn cutting is by far the most difficult job we do at Grafton.  This year we have had help from WWT roving volunteers which was most welcome The egg count shows how effective this work is to conserve this rare butterfly.


The Work


The Results


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The Egg Count continues…..

Simon and Gill had another Brown Hairstreak egg counting session at Grafton on Wednesday and found a huge cash of eggs at the west end of the orchards ride.  This is an area coppiced last winter. k20170216lr  bhs-map6

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Revised Egg Count

More information from Simon P – lots more Brown Hairstreak eggs. See Map


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The Latest Brown Hairstreak Egg Count

Simon P and others have sent the latest Brown Hairstreak Egg counts and comparison with the last two years.  This shows a diminishing population within the wood  despite all the blackthorn management work being done.


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Management so far…..

Despite this winters colds and flu work parties have continued at Grafton.

The story so far: Blackthorn Management – Coppice plot cut,  Glades at both ends of the South Ride. Still loads left to do but we need help!!


Blackthorn Management


The Coppice Plot


The Coppice Plot


Glad at the bottom of the South Ride


Glade at the top of the Sout Ride


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Brown Hairstreak Egg Hunt

The Thursday group have found a number of Brown Hairstreak Eggs in the wood see map.  Data supplied by Simon P et al. Hopefully there are more.



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