The Red Sun over Grafton yesterday



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20 Years at Grafton Wood

Below the Comma article for 20 year event.

GW 20 Years

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Addition to Grafton Work Parties

Gwen and Trev T are regular members of Grafton Work Parties.  Now Gwen has produced an addition to the gang.  She has had 5 pups.

This happened when we were mowing the rides in July (we think).  So a true Grafton product.

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The End of the Transect Year

26 Weeks of recording at Grafton and our 20th year of management.  Couldn’t be better a record count for Butterflies 2017- 5006 total count. More analysis to come.


Work Parties continue on Wednesdays – The rides were cut this week and the coppicing will continue this week.


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A glut of Red Admirals

Cyril did the transect this week and found and found 23 Red Admirals.  Grafton has now broken all previous counts for butterflies and we still have 3 weeks to go.  Total butterflies counted 4987.  Count with adjustment for missing weeks 5047.  This is by far the best year ever for our 20th anniversary.

The work parties continue and the Coppice work has now started.  12 people attend this Wednesday. WWT roving volunteers are helping with  some Blackthorn cutting.

20170914 A

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Butterflies thin on the ground…

Transect today very few butterflies.  Some pristine Small Coppers and Red Admirals.

The volunteers finished cutting the over grown Blackthorn last week.  The local farmers have been flailing their hedges this week so any Brown Hairstreak eggs will be lost.  It is becoming even more important to manage Blackthorn within the wood or we are going to loose Brown Hairstreak in Grafton area.

20170904 C

Flailed Hedgerow in The Orchard



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Brown Hairstreak Day

Brown Hairstreak Day and 20 Year Celebration of BC and WWT owning Grafton Wood.

Sir Peter Luff came to say a few words as he was the person who opened it 20 years ago. Graham Martin and Peter Seal also said a few words.  About 50 visitors then went on a Guided Walk around the wood.  Some people even saw a Brown Hairstreak.

The Press Release – Press Release



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